Making Math Fun: Using Coding and Robots to Foster a Strong STEM Foundation

Speaker: Pam Liu
Algebra is said to be the gatekeeper to advanced math and science which significantly increase the probability of obtaining a college education and a great job. Unfortunately, Algebra is traditionally one of the most difficult, least engaging topics for students to learn. 89% of middle school students would rather do chores than math homework! Join this workshop to experience a new curriculum designed by the UC Davis’ Integrated Computing and STEM Center (C-STEM) that is transforming math education with an algebra course that simultaneously teaches computing and robotics. Hands-on lab sessions with coding and robots provide an exciting new way to engage students in math, as well as a deeper understanding of computational thinking and logical reasoning. Find out how our Emory-area micro-school, 21st Century STEM Academy, is integrating the C-STEM K-12 math curriculum into the classroom and how your child can take part in our accredited math course and/or other STEM explorations during the 2016-2017 school year. We will demo examples of a math lesson coupled with robotics and coding. Give your child a key to the gate by sparking a new love for STEM and watch him/her reach even higher potentials!


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