When Homeschooling Wasn’t the Plan


As a homeschool mentor, I have heard it time and time again,

“Homeschooling wasn’t the plan”

Those words have come out of my own mouth, and if we’re honest MOST of us didn’t plan on being where we are today. But, sometimes plans change, and when this happens we have a choice to make.

Do we embrace it? Or resent it?

You see, out of the dozens of homeschool moms who have come in and out of our local homeschool group there have been a few who just didn’t like homeschooling. It wasn’t in their plan, and they didn’t want to do it.
And everyone knew it.

Then there were the other moms who didn’t plan on homeschooling. They had a period where they were overwhelmed and wondered how in the world they were going to survive. They cried, the fretted, and they thought about throwing in the towel. But, the persevered, and in the process most of them ended up enjoying homeschooling.

And everyone knew it.

You know what the biggest difference between those two types of moms was?

If homeschooling wasn’t the plan, you may be shell-shocked. You may be overwhelmed, and you may be slightly resentful at the change in plans homeschooling has brought to your life. But you know what?

You have a choice to make. And how homeschooling goes relies a lot on how you choose to handle it.

Here are 3 ways you can change your attitude towards homeschooling.

Homeschooling wasn't the plan. Yet, here you are. Now what? You have a choice to make, and that choice is very important!

Embrace it

Yes, you didn’t want to be here, but you know what? You are! And you may as well embrace it for the season you are in it. Make a list of the GOOD things you have found in homeschooling. Even if it’s just a few items, cling to those moments. Cling to those reasons. Embrace them.

Find a homeschool friend

I believe one of the biggest factors of homeschool success is finding a friend to help you along the way. Homeschool moms NEED homeschool friends. Find a local group, reach out to another homeschool mom in your community, or join an online group like one of these.

Complain in private

You don’t like homeschooling, fine. But your kids DON’T need to know this. Complain in private. TO your spouse, to your homeschool friend, or to your mom. DON’T let your kids hear you complain. If they know you are not on board it will make the homeschool transition that much harder for both of you.

Moms, I understand homeschooling was not on everyone’s to-do list, but I also know homeschooling can be a HUGE blessing to many families. If homeschooling was not in your plan, I encourage you to make the choice to embrace it, find a homeschool friend, and nix the complaining. Give it a few weeks (or months) and evaluate the homeschool situation. Chances are, it may grow on you!

Author Bio: Misty Bailey and her husband have been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.


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