The Best Winter Field Trip Ideas for Days When it’s Really Cold

Cold days do not mean you can’t take a fun homeschool field trip. Here are some of the best winter field trip ideas for days when it is really cold. 

Unless you live somewhere really warm such as Florida, then you probably know the horrible temperatures that come with the winter season. In some places, it can get below freezing during the winter months! This is not exactly the ideal time to be outside on a field trip for your homeschool classroom! For those winter days when it’s really cold outside, here are the best winter field trip ideas.

Go to the library for story time

Many libraries will have special events to help draw a crowd at your local library. Take a look at the calendar for story time events. They may even bring in special readers for these events!

Enjoy a few snow sports

If you are learning about the winter Olympics in the classroom, what better field trip than a trip to a ski lodge for some lessons! If you live in or near an area that gets snow, this can be a fun winter field trip idea that your kids will love.

Visit a Christmas tree farm

Visiting a Christmas tree farm can be a great way to incorporate the holidays into your field trip! Learn all about the different kinds of trees, the life cycle of a tree, while also visiting a local tree farm in your area.

Visit a museum

Museums are great for cold weather days because they are indoors! Here are some ideas of places to visit that will have indoor attractions:

  • Art gallery or museum
  • State Museum
  • Science museum
  • Planetarium
  • Children’s Museum

These places are a great place to learn and they don’t require being outside!   

Take a virtual field trip

If you are snowed in, that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a field trip! Sites such as Field Trip Zoom allow you to take a virtual field trip without ever leaving your home. Many museums offer online virtual tours of their facilities as well, so don’t let being stuck at home keep you from taking a field trip!

Go see an IMAX movie

IMAX movies are a fun and unique experience, but many IMAX theatres offer educational films about different animals or places that your kids will love! You can even pair a book your reading with a movie that’s about to come out for an even better experience!

Take a cavern or cave tour

Many caverns and caves stay around the same temperature even if it’s freezing outside! This can be a great field trip idea for when you get cabin fever but don’t want to be outside.

Visit an aquarium

While the zoo might be a little too cold during the winter months, most aquariums are indoors! Learn about ocean life and aquatic animals, as well as ocean conservation while at the aquarium.

You don’t have to spend your entire winter inside just because it’s cold. However, sometimes it’s just too cold to be outside all day! These field trip ideas will not only make sure no one gets frostbite but that you can still enjoy field trips even during the winter months. Homeschool field trips are great ways to enjoy socialization, break up the mundane homeschool days, and take time away from the books. If you’d like more field trip ideas to be sure to check out these 100+ field trip ideas for homeschoolers. There are some great ideas if you homeschool in Alabama here, and check out these Atlanta specific trips, and Georgia field trips as well. 

Cold days do not mean you can't take a fun homeschool field trip. Here are some of the best winter field trip ideas for days when it is really cold. 


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