5 Things Your Homeschool Needs

As homeschoolers, we are bombarded on a regular basis by things experts believe we need. Even well-meaning friends may share items they think our homeschool can’t survive without. But, in reality, how much of that do we really NEED? The answer is probably very little. However, I do believe there are five things your homeschool needs. And, chances are you already have these or have the means to provide them!

 How much does your homeschool need? The answer is probably very little. There are five things your homeschool need s. And, chances are you already have these or have the means to provide them!

Your Homeschool Needs Patience

As a homeschool mom, you do need patience. Now, can you homeschool without it? Of course! Patience is one of those things that grow as we become more accustomed to our homeschool role. Patience when children may not grasp a concept the first time, patience when the kids take a little longer than we’d like while they put on their shoes. Will we lose our patience sometimes? Yes! But, the key is to grow in this area, and the more we practice it the more our homeschool will thrive.


Gone are the days of school starting at 8 am and ending at 3. Homeschool parents can be flexible in their homeschool schedule, and we need to be! Our kids may need a little extra sleep one day or may need more time in a subject than usual. That is where flexibility comes in! Through the years I have realized that flexibility is key to homeschool success. Gone are the days where I act like a rigid taskmaster. Our kids will not thrive in this environment and neither will we.


While we do need flexibility we also need some sort of structure in our days. This will look different from home to home.  Find a routine or schedule that works for you and structure your days to fit the needs of you and your family. This could mean starting school at 9, or it could mean waiting until noon. It may include completing three subjects a day or it may mean five. HOW you structure your days isn’t as important as having some structure to your homeschool day. But, the bottom line is kids do better with a flexible routine to their days, and moms do too!


As a homeschool mom you need homeschool friends, and your kids do too! Find a local homeschool group or co-op where you and your kids can meet friends. If you have homeschool friends make sure to take the time to meet up with them on a regular basis. Getting out for a day of socialization needs to happen for the sanity of your kids and you!


Joy is a choice and chances are your homeschool needs more of it! Laughter, fun, and energy are all things that can bring joy to our lives and to our homeschool. When things go south (and believe me they will) make the choice to not blow up, relax, find a way to laugh. In the process, your kids will remember more joy filled days than angry ones.

None of the above items will cost you a penny, yet your homeschool will thrive with them! As a homeschool parent there are many material items we may need, but the above, the real ones are the ones that will last in the memories of our kids. Which of these does your homeschool need more of?

Misty Bailey and her husband have been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments of her blog Joy in the Journey.


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