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Curriculums for Independent Learning

Curriculums for Independent Learning

A few weeks ago we discussed how to create independent learners, and why you would want your child to be able to learn independently. Once you have encouraged your child to be an independent learner, it is important to find a curriculum that will nurture his desire to learn independently.

Phonics and Reading Programs for Early Learners

Have a child ready to learn to read? Don't miss this post where we discuss some of the top phonics and reading programs for early learners.

Last week we discussed some tips on how parents can teach their children to read. Today we are going to discuss some of the top phonics and reading programs for early learners.

Hooked on Phonics

I have used Hooked on Phonics to teach five children to read. I absolutely LOVE this program, and cannot say enough good things about it. Hooked on Phonics teaches children to read using the phonics program. Children start with short vowel words (-at, -an, -ap) and then move on to short i, short u, and then long vowel sounds. Every 3-4 lessons the child gets a review lesson where they also learn sight words like where, like, who, there, etc. At the end of this lesson they also get a REAL book to read. My kids were always so excited to get these books. They packed them around and read them to everyone that would listen. Hooked on Phonics is a fantastic program for teaching children to read!

Top 5 Secular Homeschool Curriculums


There are many reasons people homeschool.  They may want to keep their children home due to health, safety, or personal concerns. Some homeschool because they know it is the best option for their child, some homeschool due to their job requiring travel. Whatever the reason one may homeschool they are often bombarded with so many curriculum choices, they may not know which ones to look at. Often times these curriculums are religious based, which don’t always fit the needs of all homeschoolers. I have homeschooled for a while now, and have tried multiple curriculums. I have shared three of my favorite curriculums before, but want to focus on some of the most popular secular homeschool curriculums.