How to Find a Homeschool Space

I have been homeschooling for close to 5 years. Our first few years we did not have a homeschool room. Once baby number 3 was added to our small home, we decided more space was in order. We added on a nice size homeschool/playroom, and since then have had a designated homeschool space.

We do not “do” school only in our room. The kids learn everywhere! However, having the extra space to store our homeschool stuff, and to be able to put our educational posters and the like has been nice.

Many families do not have the space to have a designated homeschool room. Even though, they may want one. However, with a little creativity you can turn an area of your home into the homeschool space you desire.

Here are some ideas for finding a homeschool space:

Many families do not have the space to have a homeschool room. Even though, they may want one. Here are some ideas for finding a homeschool space!

Dining Room

We used our dining room for school for years before we added on to our home. You can find some fairly creative organizing tips on Pinterest to get the most use out of a small space. If you rarely use your dining room, consider converting it into a space for your homeschool. You can see how a few homeschool moms have done that here:

Basement or Attic

I have friends who have been able to convert unused attic or basement pace in their homes to nice areas for school. This is a great idea if your space is currently unusable. Consider saving money over the spring/summer to convert that space into a great space for your school. If the space is being used currently weigh the pros and cons of how OFTEN that space is being used versus how OFTEN it would be used if converted into a space for your homeschool.

Extra Bedrooms

If you have two children of the same gender and are in a 3-bedroom home, consider putting them together and making the extra bedroom homeschool space. It surprised me how many families in our homeschool group do this. It’s a great way to encourage sibling bonds AND allows you and your family the extra space you need for homeschooling.


 Our homeschool room came from a front porch we rarely used.We weighed the pros and cons and decided the extra space would be used more as a homeschool room than a front porch.  With our tax return one year, we were able to convert that front porch into our homeschool room. If your home has a patio or porch that is not used, consider looking into what it would cost to utilize that extra space. You may be surprised!

Homeschool rooms are not a necessity, I know many families who do not have one. However, if you have been wanting to find a space for your homeschool, I encourage you to look into these options, maybe one of them could work for you!


Misty Bailey is a Christian wife and homeschool mom. She resides with her family in Southern Ohio. She loves helping new homeschoolers and has a Homeschool 101 eBook for those getting started. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.


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