The Best Homeschool Storage Solutions for your Family

Looking for homeschool storage solutions in the new year? We have some creative ideas that can help whip your homeschool space into a more organized area for your family. 

Homeschool can mean a lot of papers, and a lot of supplies. Depending on the requirements on your state, even having detailed records of your child’s homeschool education is required. This means that you are likely going to need a few storage hacks in order to keep your children’s entire education and all your other homeschool supplies in order! Here are the best homeschool storage solutions for your family.

How to Homeschool without a Schoolroom

No school room? No problem! You can homeschool without a schoolroom. Let’s take a look at ways you can do that, homeschool organization tips and more. 

When you decide to start homeschooling one major concern that comes to mind is where will you homeschool. Many of us don’t have an extra room just sitting around that we can block off from the world and turn into our very own one-room schoolhouse. The truth is that’s ok and you don’t need a beautiful Pinterest ready schoolroom to be a successful homeschooler. A lot of creativity does go a long way though.

How to Re-Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum

As a new homeschool semester starts now is a great time to organize your homeschool curriculum Starting a new semester fresh and organized will help you finish the homeschool year strong! 

Does the shape of your current homeschool curriculum have you freaked out? The first semester of homeschooling can leave you frazzled and feeling very unorganized. Now is a great time to re-organize your homeschool curriculum.

Oh the Places You’ll Learn! Five Tips to Organizing Your Homeschool

Oh, the bane of our existence! OR the cause of swoon – worthy ogling of Staples’s shelves! Whether your mantra is “I know it’s here somewhere” or you’re an everything-in-its-place, color coded planner junkie, one thing’s clear: In order to manage an effective homeschool, maintaining a sense of order is key. Here are a few practical ways to preside over your family’s educational and extracurricular lives while keeping clutter and paperwork at bay.

Teacher In-Service Days for the Homeschool Mom

When my oldest daughter was four, she attended our local public preschool. That first year was our only REAL experience with public school. I remember NOT being very impressed. One reason was because every quarter the kids were out of school for a random day. The reason? Teacher in-service days. I rolled my eyes when I first saw it. To me, it seemed like a wasted day and a pain for parents who worked outside the home.


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