How to Homeschool without a Schoolroom

No school room? No problem! You can homeschool without a schoolroom. Let’s take a look at ways you can do that, homeschool organization tips and more. 

When you decide to start homeschooling one major concern that comes to mind is where will you homeschool. Many of us don’t have an extra room just sitting around that we can block off from the world and turn into our very own one-room schoolhouse. The truth is that’s ok and you don’t need a beautiful Pinterest ready schoolroom to be a successful homeschooler. A lot of creativity does go a long way though.

Where to put all of those books, art supplies, and other homeschooling materials.

The biggest challenge to homeschooling without a school room is dealing with storage. If you visit any experienced homeschool family you will see the collections of books, educational games, and materials seem to multiply while you sleep. If you have a limited space for homeschooling your best tool for the organization is to have large bins or an extra closet for storing things, not in use. Grab one bookshelf and a few baskets to organize and rotate items instead of having them out all at once.

Take advantage of the library. 

A Library gives you the opportunity to go through books without filling every wall of your home in bookshelves saving you money and sanity. Many will stock great resources on how to homeschool and even curriculum textbooks. Some libraries offer great children’s events, parties, and educational programs. When you need to find a fun activity for your children you can count on your local librarians to know about all of the best children’s events coming up so spend plenty of time putting those tables and comfy chairs to work at your local library.

Head off the clutter by working out a storage system before things get out of hand.

A bin with a lid for school supplies that can e drug through the house, backyard, even the park will make it easier to keep track of everything and be ready to go where ever homeschooling takes you. It helps to have smaller boxes for each child if they like to split off into different areas of the house to work but, give them all one central home so you are not hunting down or replacing something you need.

Where to homeschool if you do not have a school room

Homeschooling is one of those personal things that can be done differently for every family and every child within a family. In traditional school children, all sit in classrooms at tidy little desks doing the same thing at the same time from the start of the day to the end. As a homeschooler, you get more freedom to choose what works for you and what fits your child’s personality.

When the weather is nice the best way to homeschooling is to get out of the house and go find some fresh air. Your patio, backyard, part and local nature trail all make great places to work on homeschooling outside when the weather is nice. Sunshine and fresh air are a great way to get your brain going a bit and make learning fun. You can even homeschool poolside calling out math facts to the kids as you throw a ball back and forth with them.

When the weather is less friendly hop on down the library, your local children’s science center or museum. A change of pace can make a world of a difference during a long hard winter. Stuck at home on a rainy or cold day? Find a comfy place to curl up in with a warm blanket and a good book or documentary. Learning comes in all different sizes and for many of us, that means we are often doing school in the living room or dining room and the truth is that is okay. Encourage your child to sit at the breakfast bar while you chat about a lesson they are learning or to join you in the kitchen making their favorite dish.

In the end, it won’t matter if you had a big schoolroom packed with materials and “experts” in the field but the truth is that the world is our classroom and if we make a point of letting nature do its job we would all enjoy the little things like this all that much more.

No school room? No problem! You can homeschool without a schoolroom. Let's take a look at ways you can do that, homeschool organization tips and more.



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