Making Time for Your Marriage While Homeschooling


No one will deny the fact that homeschooling is a full-time job.  However, it is also not our only job. We have to keep up with our homes, parent our children, work at our churches, outside activities, our paid jobs, and still have time for our marriage. This can all take a toll on our homes and our marriages.

One of the most important relationships you will ever have is your spouse. Homeschooling does not trump this. Making time for your marriage while homeschooling is important, and something that must be done.  How can you do this?

  1. Schedule Date Nights: Date nights are important and there are tons of inexpensive options out there. If childcare is a problem offering to swap childcare with a friend once a month. Or, put the kids to bed early one night and order pizza and a movie.
  2. Get up Earlier: If your spouse leaves for bed while you are still asleep try to change this. Even if it is just once or twice a week. Get up with your spouse and have time together before they leave for work. Even 15 minutes of alone time without children can mean a lot.
  3. Go to Bed at The Same Time: Does one of you stay up later than the other? Make a commitment to go to bed at the same time at least 2 nights a week.
  4. Get Creative: See if your spouse will help you grade papers in the evening and talk about the kids, or what happened in your day. Do dishes together, sit with your spouse while they work on the car, go grocery shopping together. Find ways to spend time together that you may not usually do. Get creative and see what happens!

Marriage is hard work and is a relationship that needs nurturing. The only way to do this is by making time for each other. In the rush, rush, rush mentality of today’s society, this can be hard. However, you must make the choice to make time for your marriage. Homeschooling is just one of the many jobs that you have; make sure it is not the only one you are completing.

Marriage is hard work, and is a relationship that needs nurturing in today’s society this can be hard. But, making time for our marriage MUST be a priority.

Misty Bailey is a wife to Roger and a homeschool mom to three beautiful blessings. She resides with her family in Southern Ohio. She loves helping new homeschoolers and has a Homeschool 101 eBook for those getting started. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.




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