Renee LoDolce

Renee LoDolce, a homeschool mom of 18 years (though years ago she once claimed she would “NEVER homeschool”!), is a thought-provoking author and speaker that resonates with thousands of Christian women and homeschool families. She has written an EBook called College Out of the Box, a plan to help other students graduate college in less time and with a minimum amount of money, as well as a women’s Bible study called “Celebrate the Unique You: Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes”. Her newest book just came out this summer called Our Deliverer Revealed: Finding Jesus Throughout the Old Testament. She is never one to follow the crowd and do what others do (except if they are all running toward free chocolate or pizza!). She is a lover of education, books, and helping others traverse the “narrow path.” She has been married to her husband, Torre, for over 23 years (boy, does the time fly!) and resides in Houston, Texas with their teenage son (and all of his smelly, but adorable, teenage friends!)


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