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Homeschool Scholarships 101

Years ago homeschooling parents second guessed their decision to homeschool with the age-old question, “Will they ever get into college?”.Luckily, we no longer have to worry as much about that as more and more colleges are recruiting homeschoolers. For the most part, the days of discrimination from admission boards are gone, and we know our children CAN get into a good college.

When the Curriculum Isn’t Working

Most of us have been in the books again for a few weeks.  For some, the homeschool year has started out great. Kids like what they are learning, and it has been smooth sailing. For others, it may be going rough. Kids hate the curriculum, mom hates the curriculum, and no one is learning anything. So, what do you do when the curriculum isn’t working?

What Your Child Gains from Homeschooling

When you first tell people you are homeschooling you are likely to get a ton of feedback about the things they are missing out on. However, what people tend to not talk about are the things a child gains from homeschooling.

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child Good Study Habits

As my oldest enters middle school I am realizing the importance of teaching her good study habits. So far this has consisted of telling her to “go study for your test”.  That is the same thing I was told as a child. It didn’t work out to well for me…. AND based on her last history grade it’s not working out that great for her either.

The Case for a Holiday Break

How is your school year going? Are you on task? A little behind? Or ahead of schedule? If you are behind, or not sure where you are then you may be contemplating taking a short Holiday break, or not taking one at all.


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