Why You Should Incorporate Technology Into your Homeschool Classroom

While you may be tempted to keep technology out of the classroom, here is why you should incorporate technology in your homeschool classroom.

Technology is one of those unavoidable parts of our everyday life. We use technology to check the weather, communicate with people who are far away, and even use it to keep entertained. So why keep it out of the classroom? Technology can do so many wonderful things for your homeschool classroom besides provide a way to watch movies. While you may be tempted to keep technology out of the classroom, here is why you should incorporate technology in your homeschool classroom.

Tips for Homeschooling Science

Science is one of the most entertaining subjects to homeschool. The magic of experimentation makes it a subject children gravitate to. There’s plenty of room for hands-on learning and many of your child’s most burning questions can be solved through science. Sometimes the vast number of options you have can leave homeschooling science feeling a bit intimidating but with a few tools and a bit of imagination, you can homeschool science is a memorable and fun way that will have children begging for the next lesson.

15 Great Book Series for New Readers

With summer reading programs in full swing, it is a great time to make a book list for your new reader. These book series for new readers are fantastic resources to help your new reader gain confidence.

As parents, we want to encourage our kids to be readers. We know the benefits of reading, and how important it is to lay a foundation of reading in our homes. But, sometimes it is hard to get our kids into good books. A quality book series is a great way to garner interest in books and continue the love of reading.  A child can become invested in the characters and storylines and will want to continue with the series to find out what happens.

How to Create Independent Learners

Creating independent learners takes time, encouragement, and hard work. But, as our children grow they need to be able to work and learn independently. Independent learning is an important skill and one that will benefit them for a lifetime.

As homeschool parents, we are responsible for our children’s education. We take on that responsibility oftentimes when our children are young. By the time they reach middle school we are educating younger siblings and may be getting overwhelmed with the responsibility of educating so many different grades.
At this point, it may be time to start easing our children into independent learning.  This is an important thing for our children to learn. Independent learning can help them learn responsibility, prepare them for college, and helps them truly engage in the material.

What to Teach in Middle School

Homeschooling middle school is a time of transition for the homeschool mom and the student. It is a time of more responsibility, fewer hands-on cutesy stuff, and more independent learning. Last week we talked about homeschooling middle school and what we can do to prepare. This week we are going to discuss what to teach in middle school.


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