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Why You Should Incorporate Technology Into your Homeschool Classroom

While you may be tempted to keep technology out of the classroom, here is why you should incorporate technology in your homeschool classroom.

Technology is one of those unavoidable parts of our everyday life. We use technology to check the weather, communicate with people who are far away, and even use it to keep entertained. So why keep it out of the classroom? Technology can do so many wonderful things for your homeschool classroom besides provide a way to watch movies. While you may be tempted to keep technology out of the classroom, here is why you should incorporate technology in your homeschool classroom.

Grace for the Homeschool Mom

Bad homeschool days and moments will come while you are on this journey. They key is knowing how to give yourself grace as a homeschool mom. Here are some tips to help you along the way!

I have some difficult news for you. At some point in your homeschooling career, you are going to feel like a failure. This may happen every day, it may happen once a month, or it may happen once a year. The point is, it WILL happen. When this time comes, you need to remember to breathe in and give yourself grace. Here are some areas that may make you feel like a failure, and what you can do to kick those feelings to the curb.

Five Tips for Homeschooling with a New Baby

Homeschooling with a new baby? This season will pass! Here are some tips to help you homeschool with a baby in tow.

At some point in many homeschool moms teaching careers, they will welcome a new bundle of joy. Babies are a blessing and should be treated as such, but to many moms, they are also overwhelming. Especially when they appear in the middle of a school year:). Unbelievably though, school CAN be done with an infant. It just takes a little work to find your groove. Here are five tips for homeschooling with a new baby.

The Best Homeschool Storage Solutions for your Family

Looking for homeschool storage solutions in the new year? We have some creative ideas that can help whip your homeschool space into a more organized area for your family. 

Homeschool can mean a lot of papers, and a lot of supplies. Depending on the requirements on your state, even having detailed records of your child’s homeschool education is required. This means that you are likely going to need a few storage hacks in order to keep your children’s entire education and all your other homeschool supplies in order! Here are the best homeschool storage solutions for your family.

The Best Winter Field Trip Ideas for Days When it’s Really Cold

Cold days do not mean you can’t take a fun homeschool field trip. Here are some of the best winter field trip ideas for days when it is really cold. 

Unless you live somewhere really warm such as Florida, then you probably know the horrible temperatures that come with the winter season. In some places, it can get below freezing during the winter months! This is not exactly the ideal time to be outside on a field trip for your homeschool classroom! For those winter days when it’s really cold outside, here are the best winter field trip ideas.


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