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Who Homeschools?

As homeschooling continues to grow, more and more families are joining the homeschool trend. Who homeschools? The answer may surprise you!

Homeschoolers are oftentimes stereotyped as super religious, hippies, health nuts or just plain weird. But the truth of the matter is that most homeschoolers are just normal parents who have made the decision to homeschool. Who homeschools? The answer may surprise you!

3 Times You Shouldn’t Use a Boxed Curriculum

I remember my very first year homeschooling; I ordered one of those big boxes of curriculum from one publisher. Everything came in one box, and my shopping was done in one swoop. I was thrilled!

Fast forward a few weeks and we were miserable. Why? That particular boxed curriculum wasn’t working for us anymore…

Dear New Homeschool Mom,

Dear New Homeschool Mom,

It’s your first year homeschooling! Congratulations! You made a great decision, and one that I am sure did not come lightly.

How are things going so far? Chances are you are feeling one of two ways, either overwhelmed or ecstatic!

10 Questions Homeschoolers are SICK of Answering

If you have been homeschooling awhile you can probably name of at least a dozen questions that you get asked every day about homeschooling. If you are new to homeschooling, you may not be completely prepared for the abundance of interest you will receive thanks to your education choice.

5 Things New Homeschoolers Need to Know

Are you considering homeschooling in the fall? If so, there are a few things new homeschoolers need to know!

It is hard- Really!

There will be days when you want to quit. There will be days you will wonder WHY IN THE WORLD AM I DOING THIS?? I think that was the biggest surprise I found when I began homeschooling. People warned me, but you have no clue until you begin. Solution? Find an awesome homeschool mom to be friends with. Connect with other homeschoolers; they will encourage you that you are not alone. If you have no one local to connect with
an online support group.


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